Cyberpools is not solely about incredible water clarity. It’s also about a place where you can relax, recover, train, swim without a care in the world, or simply enjoy family moments in your backyard. Cyberpools offer so many reasons to dip in .


Making your dream pool a reality

Cyberpools was established with the mission to create the swimming experience of the future with the latest pool technology and design. Like our name, Cyberpools is the new expression of a “high-tech and futuristic lifestyle”. Our magnesium mineral pool is created from the ground up to be healthier, safer, and more pleasurable for you and your family. By providing fully customised pool solutions that combine functionality with industry standards, we deliver the pool of the future today.


Here at Cyberpools, we have brought together the most experienced pool specialists in the industry. From pool advisors, engineers, and construction professionals, we are your one-stop shop for all your custom pool needs. Based in Brisbane and our home in Redland Bay, our team has designed some of the most stunning pools around. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

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We care about the

We care about the climate just like you do. We put sustainability in mind when designing and developing our pool systems, to fight against climate change and create positive impacts on our environment. The Cyberpool system has been recognised by SPASA, Australia’s Climate Care Certified program, which means lesser energy consumption while increasing financial savings when you choose Cyberpools’ products.

The Cyberpool control system is designed to improve energy efficiency utilising its switch mode power supply, which results in lower unit energy consumption than traditional toroidal linear technology. The variable speed pump connected to the system provides greater control over pump speed and further reduces energy consumption. Equipped with the iAqua Link app, it allows you to remotely optimise settings for energy savings depending on your needs.

The magnesium in Cyberpool’s water acts as an effective flocculant to maintain water clarity, which greatly reduces the need for backwashing and thus helps improve water efficiency.

The discharged water from Cyberpool can be reused for irrigating most household plants and soil when diluted as instructed. The minerals in the water are also beneficial to plant growth and soil health.

"The defining moment for us to decide to go with Cyberpools was
that my son and I both suffer with eczema, so from swimming in a
magnesium pool, we don't get any soreness through our eyes, and
our skin feels conditioned rather than dried!"

Peter, NSW

I was looking to do build a pool and do landscaping at the same time. Most other pool builders were not interested in any landscaping work. Anthony, Danny and the team at Cyber Pools gave a very competitive quote and completed the pool and landscaping works to our satisfaction. They were happy to accommodate the inevitable changes along the way and worked with us to deliver a great outcome.

Simon, QLD

Super happy with our pool and just in time for summer!! Highly recommend on service, advice and professionalism. Defiantly would recommend

Cameron, QLD

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